It's Red Hat, what else to say! Wolf in the muzzle, ninja-squirrel and sloth, taking sunbath on the roof - all of it is not a surprise to everyone. But unlike all other fairytales, here all subjects and characters are alive. They react to the gamer's actions and make funny things, which make kids laugh! And this is our main point.

In this fairytale we are teching children to be creative and not to forget their roots. Every page of the book filled with contry atmosphere and on every page there is an educational game. And giraffe, which hiding under the birch, or smartphon in the pocket of a Tom Thumb - all these things helps children to go beyond the standard stereotypes about the world and make them more creative.

Russian traditional fairy tale, where grandfather took his stepdaughter to the forest, using ipad for navigation, and Morozko gifts to a girl not just jewelry but thing even more practical in use - a husband :)

All pages of the book, even those where situations are evil and unpleasant, made in way, which puts smile on the gamer's face which stays there till the end of the game.


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